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Activities & Attractions

A Paradise Of Festivities

Unlock the grandeur at Udai Kothi Hotel, Udaipur as you celebrate festivals with us. Driven by passion and exclusive service we go beyond in making your vision of a festive season a reality.

Christmas Celebration

Nothing is as enchanting as a Christmas celebration with some lights galore and musical folklore. Christmas at Udai Kothi is a whimsical experience with fairy-tale-kind of decor creating the quintessential festive charm. Guests are greeted with the sweet aroma of the cakes and cookies as they arrive with their friends, family and kids.

As guests weave the perfect moments of joy and love in Christmas, there comes the excitement of the New Year. And Udai Kothi makes all the arrangements to mark the beginning of a new year with a grand welcome. Our service ensures every moment you enjoy is a hassle-free and seamless journey.

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Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo, also known as the “The sport of kings”, is an excellent sport to play and watch in Udaipur. Not just being a sport but a festival on its own, it attracts hundreds of people to cheer to the excitement of playing polo on elephant back.

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Holi Celebration

Holi the festival of colours and vibrancy begins with a Holika bonfire the prior night when everyone gathers and indulges in singing and dancing. Holi is not just the victory of devotion over evil but a festival which brings souls together for a dip in the shades of unity, happiness and love.

At Udai Kothi, Holi festival is celebrated with extreme vigour and charm that soaks you in the real spirit of India.

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Boat Dinner

Udai Kothi has one of the grandest boat in Udaipur which is known as Barge Bahadur.

An Evening on the bost involves a sumptuous multi course meal, served to the guests preference of pace while enjoying the stunning sparkling sights of Udaipur at night. The guests can choose to park the boat at their preferred spot. The dinner is spread over upto 2hours, allowing sufficient time to truly enjoy the evening.

The Special Udai Kothi peivate boat dinner experience on Lake Pichola is regarded by those who’ve experienced it as one of their most unforgettable romantic memories.

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